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As irrefutable as the laws of gravity and friction, the Laws of Sales Physics govern the productivity and predictability of your Sales Team


Beneath Sales Management, Sales Process, Sales Methodology and Sales Enablement exists a fundamental set of inter-dependent Sales Laws that are as irrefutable and undeniable as the physical laws of gravity and friction. Sales Productivity, Effectiveness and Efficiency are ALL functions of, and subject to, these Laws of Sales Physics. Sell-On is a "Sales Physics Framework" that uses data-science to ensure that your sales operations are harmonized with the Laws of Sales Physics and as a result, unleashes the full potential of your sales strategies and investments.

The Laws of Sales Physics

Law of Sales Motion

Similar sales opportunities following a standard sales process tend to follow a similar timeline to conclusion

Law of Sales Maturity

Sales opportunities following a standard sales process tend to exhibit common attributes enroute to conclusion

Law of Sales Momentum

A sales opportunity in motion tends to stay in motion until impeded by an opposing force

Law of Sales Capacity

Sales productivity is optimized at a 50-70% utilization rate of a sales rep’s capacity

Law of Sales Complexity

The velocity of a sales opportunity is inversely proportional to the opportunity value and the number of buyers involved

Law of Sales Confidence

Sales success directly correlates with the rep's level of entanglement in a given sales opportunity

What We Do

Sales Diagnostics

What you don’t know about your sales tendencies WILL hurt you. A Sell-On Sales Diagnostic is the first step in analyzing the forces at work within your sales operation. Crafted for B2B sales organizations engaged in complex sales, the diagnostic is agnostic to sales process and/or sales methodologies that you have in place. It relies solely on DATA to simplify the view of past sales performance and provide insight into factors affecting the future performance of your sales pipeline.

Sales Management

Sales management is often blind to risks affecting the predictability of their team’s performance until it’s too late to mitigate them or otherwise course-correct. The result is frequent, volatile swings in sales performance and forecast accuracy. Sell-On’s Sales Management solution utilizes data from in-place tools such as CRM and/or Sales Force Automation, to provide objective insight into pipeline health/risk, deal quality, sales team capacity and execution. Result:  Better sales management via actionable intelligence!

Sales Productivity

Traditional predictors of sales productivity (e.g. stage-to-close probability, commits, rep tenure, etc.) alone are inadequate. Sell-On’s Sales Productivity framework utilizes objective sales performance data including trends, maturity and momentum, in combination with subjective data such as rep confidence, to help focus the sales rep on high probability opportunities and continuously optimize forecast accuracy resulting in consistent, predictable sales productivity. Result: Reps Win AND You Win!

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